PAL 1000

MPC’s PAL1000 PULVERISE AND LEACH machine can simultaneously pulverise and leach a batch of 52 large (~1kg) samples enabling Gold values to be obtained within two hours of samples arriving at the laboratory.

Assay Tabs

Assay Tabs have been formulated for fast cyanide leach gold assaying. Each Assay Tab contains the appropriate amount of reagents to facilitate a 1 hour leach when used according to our instructions. The leach rate for gold for example is approximately 1 micron per minute!

Laboratory Centrifuge

Mineral Process Control’s low speed centrifuge is an ideal accessory for the laboratory performing cyanide extractable gold analyses by bottle roll or tumbler.

Laboratory Tumbler

MPC’s laboratory tumbler has been designed and built for simple and efficient operation. Power requirements are 415VAC, 50HZ. 10A. Suitable for a 0.37kw 3 phase motor.

LeachWELL 60X

LeachWELL 60X is a reagent grade catalyst formulated for fast cyanide leach gold assaying. When used with 5% cyanide the dissolution rate of gold, copper and silver is increased more than sixty fold. The leach rate for gold under appropriate conditions for example, is approximately 1 micron per minute!

Mineral Process Control

Welcome to Mineral Process Control, a West Australian based mining technology company formed in 1995 to develop and market LeachWELL gold leaching technology that caters to the mining industry. We manufacture a range of mining technologies including LeachWELL, Assay Tabs, the PAL1000 gold assay system plus sample tumblers, a bottle roll to facilitate cyanide recoverable gold assays.



Explore our range of innovative technologies like LeachWELL, giving you greater accuracy and precision while saving the mining industry more time.

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Read about what Mineral Process Control are all about. Based in Western Australia, our professional operation caters to the mining industry, we serve clients all over the world.



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