PAL 1000

The PAL-1000

MPC's PAL1000 PULVERISE AND LEACH machine can simultaneously pulverise and leach a batch of 52 large (~1kg) samples enabling Gold values to be obtained within two hours of samples arriving at the laboratory.

Laboratory centrifuge

Laboratory Centrifuge

MPC's low speed centrifuge is an ideal accessory for the laboratory performing cyanide extractable gold analyses by bottle roll or tumbler.

Programmable Mains Water Dispenser Product

Programmable Mains Water Dispenser

MPC's water dispenser is an ideal labour saving tool for the assay laboratory. The water dispenser is a convenient way to deliver the correct volume of water as required for cyanide soluble gold analyses using our PAL1000, our tumbler or bottle roll equipment.

3 Tier Bottle Roll Machine Product

3 Tier Bottle Roll Machine

MPC has also produced two versions of a three tier bottle roll machine. One version was constructed to be flat packed for shipment by air.

Laboratory Tumbler Product

Laboratory Tumbler

MPC's laboratory tumbler has been designed and built for simple and efficient operation. Power requirements are 415VAC, 50HZ. 10A. Suitable for a 0.37kw 3 phase motor.

Assay Tabs

AssayPowder is a specially formulated powdered form of AssayTab for laboratory use with bottle rolls and tumblers. This product eliminates the need for double handling reagents since measured amounts can be added directly to the bottle or jar. Technicians can easily tailor their additions to meet test work requirements.



LeachWELL GC is a technical grade catalyst that has been formulated for intensive cyanidation of Knelson and other gold concentrates. Recoveries above 99.9% within a few hours are common when using LeachWELL GC. Residues can therefore be safely discarded.

LeachWELL 60X

LeachWELL 60X

LeachWELL 60X is a reagent grade catalyst formulated for fast cyanide leach gold assaying. When used with 5% cyanide the dissolution rate of gold, copper and silver is increased more than sixty fold. The leach rate for gold under appropriate conditions for example, is approximately 1 micron per minute!



DTOX is a waste water treatment product that precipitates heavy metal ions and neutralises cyanide. DTOX reacts quickly with free and complex cyanides. The end products are ultimately released to the environment as carbonates and ammonia (beneficial to flora). Test work has shown that the reaction is rapid and much safer than hypochlorite.

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