Quality Policy Statement

Mineral Process Control (MPC) Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of chemicals and equipment for the global gold mining and assaying industries.

We recognise that the maintenance of quality standards in all our activities is the key to our success and reputation. The company is therefore committed to a policy to provide products which fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers in all ways, and where necessary, meets with regulatory requirements.

The company aims to ensure:

  • That trained and competent personnel are available focusing at all times on customers needs and expectations.
  • That a high quality of service is given providing optimum value to the customer commensurate with cost
  • There is a consistent approach towards public customer safety
  • That legislative and regulatory requirements are always complied with
  • That processes are performed in a cost effective manner.

Our quality focussed processes operate from the receipt of an enquiry to completion of an order and  involves a series of processes which are operated within the business. These processes will aim to identify customer requirements, provide consistency and reliability of products and services, and identify and rectify non conformances. 

Appropriate indicators of performance of processes are used to identify potential improvements in the company’s capability and capacity.

The company continually improves the effectiveness of the quality focussed processes and the objectives are appraised reguarly.

All employees are made aware of this policy and its objectives and are committed to its implementation.

Updated December 2021


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