An Introduction to the PAL-1000

MPC’s John Cooper takes you through the PAL-1000 assaying machine which uses our patented Assay Tabs.

How to operate the PAL-1000

MPC’s John Cooper explains how to operate our patented PAL-1000 gold assaying equipment.

The PAL-1000

The PAL1000 is an ideal tool for rapid turnaround gold assays, delivering a large number of assay results at a low cost.

Short pulverizing and leach times of 1-hour have assays reported within 2 hours.
The large sample size capability makes the PAL100 ideal for coarse gold analysis, reducing the nugget effect.

The PAL1000 contains 52 sample pots, each capable of processing up to 1kg ore samples.

Samples are completely pulverised (typically less than 90% passing 75um) and simultaneously leached with MPC’s uniquely formulated Assay Tabs.

Gold Leaf Test

LeachWELL is the most effective CN accelerant available on the market. This simple gold leaf test illustrates how the addition of LeachWELL will increase the gold/CN reaction kinetics by up 60 times.

MPC’s Laboratory Tumbler T60.1

Mineral Process Control’s Laboratory Tumbler has been designed and built for simple and efficient operation. Tumbling is preferred to rolling bottle agitation for cyanide leaching because it is more active. This allows for more efficient and faster leaching. Each tumbler has the capacity to hold 60 x 1L jars. The 60 jars are held in place in 4 plastic tote trays each with a capacity of 15 jars. One set of jars and trays is supplied with the tumbler and additional jars and trays are sold separately.

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