PAL 1000

Key Information

  • One machine capable of processing 500 samples per shift
  • Total turnaround time can be as low as 1.5 hours
  • 52 steel pots
  • Samples are completely pulverised and simultaneously leached with cyanide and LeachWELL in less than one hour
  • Fully enclosed for safety and quiet operation, won’t start until access panels are closed
  • Fully programmable operating parameters for each cycle

PAL 1000

The machine contains 52 steel pots, each having the capacity of 1kg sample, 1.5L water and grinding media. Samples are completely pulverised (typically to better than 90% – 75 microns) and simultaneously leached with cyanide and LeachWELL in less than one hour. Slurry samples are taken and the solution is analysed for Gold by solvent extraction AAS.

The pots and grinding media are then washed and the grinding media is replaced. Water, the next sample and two Assay Tabs are added and the process is repeated. Total turnaround time can be as low as 1.5 hours.


The emphasis on pulverising the entire sample is removed in most cases because such a large sample is assayed not just prepared. Moisture determinations may be done in parallel using smaller sample splits if required.

Machine speed, grinding media charge, cycle times and reagent dose can all be varied according to sample matrix.

The machine is fully enclosed for safety and quiet operation and cannot be started until the access panels are closed. Operating parameters for each cycle are fully programmable.

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PAL 1000
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