Mineral Process Control is a West Australian based company formed in 1995 to develop and market LeachWELL gold leaching technology. The company initially marketed LeachWELL 60X, developed by David Menne.

Rob Mason (Managing Director) has always been passionate about the usefulness of larger assays. Having managed his own small gold mines, Rob has been aware of the need for accuracy and precision when sampling ore and waste. The leach reagent enables traditional twenty-four hour bottle rolls with large sample sizes to be accelerated to within one hour. This gold assay technology has been adopted by numerous mines, both in Australia and overseas, because of its simplicity, accuracy and cost effectiveness. It has proven especially useful where there are coarse gold particles or preg-robbing ore type.

MPC has also developed laboratory equipment to facilitate and streamline the use of LeachWELL Assays.

This equipment includes:-

A tumbling machine capable of processing 60 assays per hour. This compact model only uses a metre of floor space.

A water dispenser which measures the exact amount of water to add to an assay by a simple timing mechanism.

The recent downturn in the Gold Industry has prompted MPC to concentrate on developing more efficient and labour-saving technologies.

John Cooper joined the company as General Manager in early 1999. John draws on twenty years of experience in commercial assaying laboratories here in Western Australia and Africa and has helped develop:-

The PAL 1000 machine which Pulverises And Leaches 52 samples in one hour eliminating the need for sample preparation.

A low speed 52 sample centrifuge, which is relatively inexpensive and yet efficiently settles even very clayey samples in minutes. This machine uses disposable cups for efficiency.

The past couple of years have also seen MPC diversify into wastewater treatment and soil remediation. A reagent known commercially as DTOX precipitates hazardous metals such as chromium, copper, mercury, nickel, arsenic and selenium and neutralises cyanide. Industries that have an application for this product include gold, silver and copper recovery plants, electroplating shops and the environmental remediation industry where heavy metal ions or cyanide are present in soils or ground water plumes.

Mineral Process Control has agents in Australia and South Africa and directly exports to South East Asia, Central and Northern Europe, New Zealand, North and South America.

In 2011 MPC relocated from Kewdale to 30 Furniss Rd, Landsdale (off Mirrabooka Avenue). The new premises includes 4 industrial units, one of which is set up as a metal fabrication/machining workshop, one for the manufacture and storage of Assay Tabs and LeachWELL, another for the preparation of DTOX and some liquid fertiliser products. The fourth unit is utilised by EV Works for storage of electric vehicle parts, lithium batteries and also as a workshop for electric vehicle conversions.