MPC Engineering

MPC's maintains a well equipped engineering workshop is used for the in-house manufacture of our laboratory Equipment such as the PAL1000, the centrifuge, bottle roll machines and laboratory tumblers etc. All are manufactured and painted (in our own spray-booth) on-site.

We have also fabricated for several of our clients, custom-made laboratory equipment that is not readily available off-the-shelf.

MPC's expertise includes the fabrication of various rail system components such as crossing blocks, de-railers and re-railers, we have also been engaged in the repair and maintenance of several pieces of heavy pile driving and trenching equipment, road painting machinery and also fabrication of a small pilot plant size carbon in pulp plant as well as many other other general and specialist fabrication projects.

We maintain a qualified boiler-maker whose expertise extends to general steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and other metals fabrication, welding and machining.

Our workshop equipment includes MIG, TIG and stick welders, a lathe, a milling machine, a CNC profile cutter, as well as all the usual grinders cutting machines etc as well as a 5-tonne overhead gantry crane.